BJP won 66 of the 122 seats in the NMC election 2017


BJP won 66 of the 122 seats in the NMC election 2017

Everyone had awaited a lot for results of NMC election .

The results for Nashik Munciple corporation [ NMC ] election announced today at 10 am which were held on Feb 21. It witnessed around 61 percentage voting this time which was quite better than last NMC election held in 2012

This time BJP came in power and made their position in NMC election by getting 66 seats out of 122 . MNS [ Maharashtra Navnirman Sena ] has the strongly believed to get majority votes in Nashik because of its strong hold in the city and its interaction with people . But MNCs ranking decreased from 40 seats to 5 seats . whereas the strong competitor of BJP , shivseva made them satisfy on 35 seats . They got seconds rank in NMC elections instead of all these rashtrawadi and congress got 6 seats and respectively small patients also got disappointed .

BJP gave tough light to all parties and got elected by majority votes. Which made history in NMC election 2017 . Everyone the followers and winning  corporater of BJP and other parties are celebrating success the elections was has overed by the results .

The Munciple Corporation elections witnessed BJP made strong hold over local body governments in Maharashtra .This time the concentrated battle held between BJP and Shivsena rather than congress and BJP .The results clearly showed that the people still have faith in Narendra  Modi & BJP .

Well , the tagline “ Sab ka Saath , Sab ka Vikas “ justified the election results .

News By : Ms Harshada Ahire | Mr.Prajwal Chandramore | Nashik Updates